Company Information

Company Name         CyberLabo Limited

President           Satoru Takemoto

President's Profile
                    Graduated   KOBE University
                    10 year experience in Richo Co. Ltd
                    10 year experience in Fuji PhotoFilm Co. Ltd.
                    Experienced over a million gates LSI design.
                    Able to design LSI in VHDL/Verilog.
                    Able to administrate ASIC design CAD system on HP and Sun.¡£
                    Experienced synopsys,IKOS,Mentor,Sunrise etc.
    Headquarters    4-15, Wakamatsu-cho,Hadano-city,Kanagawaken 
                    259-1314 Japan
                    TEL 0463-89-1032
                    FAX 0463-89-1034
    Machida Office  1-19-5,Naka-machi,Machida-si
                    194-0021 Japan
                    TEL 0427-39-7756
                    FAX 0427-39-7757

 1  VHDL based ASIC design.
 2  VHDL training.
 3  Design consulting for ASIC design.
 4  Consulting/Training for build up CAD system for ASIC desin.
 5  Consulting/Training for computer & network system.
 6  Resaller of Computer related hardware.
 7  others related above.

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